Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Brunch: A Budget Bride Should Always Say THANK YOU!!!

Happy Budget Budget Brides!!!

No matter if you are in the beginning, middle or end stages of your wedding planning process you should always send a note of thanks. Whether it is to a friend who helped you secure a great photographer or to a relative who completely saved your budget by providing you with a service for free. Ashley of Ashley Brooke Designs provides a perfect out to say thank you in a fabulously fashionable way. Ashley has designed these postcards to help you tell that special someone how fabulous you think they are.

The cost of the postcards are $25 for 10 postcards and a portion of the proceeds will go to cancer research. Also fyi, postcards can be customized to fit your complexion and hair color.

Okay Okay!!! So I know that I am preaching the whole say THANK YOU movement. So to be a person of my word, I am going to gift the guest bloggers from last week the beach bags below. Last year, while working for a bride (planning her wedding) we were able to acquire these beach bags as part of her welcome bags for her New Jersey Beach Wedding. So I picked up a few more for a bridal shower I was also working on as well as 5 more for a possible giveaway for the blog. See below on where I purchase them.
I purchased these bags at a store called Five Below in New Jersey (such a great store for a budget bride). They have great things in there if you can find one near you. I was even able to get a yoga mat for $2. So this will be my gift to them. Normally I would not give a gift to my guest bloggers, but this was a much needed vacation and I really appreciated them for helping me out.
So support Ashley Brooke Designs, find a really cool gift or for the absolute budget bride write a sweet note to say thank you to the people who have helped you during the process.


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Sara said...

You are too swet Sharise!!
Loved meeting you at the NY Magazine show! xo, Sara

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