Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Brunch...Happy LOVE Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Budget Brides!!

Since most of the day will be spent on over priced dinners, chocolates and lots of flowers. Be thankful for the love that you have and the love to come.

For those who have not found the love they want see below for a few suggestions to not make this day so mushy.

Tips for the having a great Valentine's Day without a partner

1. Go to church.... Church always makes me feel good. Go to church and give god thanks.

2. Have a beauty day. Go get a mani, pedi and your hair done. You never know who or what you may find along the way.

3. Shopping with the ladies. Participate in a little retail therapy. This makes any girl feel amazing.

4. Volunteer at your local shelter and give a little love to someone else.

I will be spending this Valentine's Day alone because Mr. Budget is doing a double. So I will definitely be using tips 1 & 3. Hopefully, me and one of my besites can throw in a mani - pedi.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Brunch: Stiletto Centerpieces by GiddySpinster

Happy Sunday Budget Brides!!!

Here is a great company who many of you may have seen on some of the blogs that you frequent. I think that these would be great centerpieces or decor at a bridal shower. GiddySpinster is the company behind these great stiletto planters with pricing ranging from $39 to $79.

See below for more info on GiddySpinster and how she is helping to save the environment one stripper shoes at a time. LMBO!!!

GiddySpinster makes her stiletto planters from used/recycled stripper shoes. Isn't that a great idea and a blessing to mother earth.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alcohol & Weddings: To Have, Not To Have & Everything In Between Pt 3

Happy Thursday Budget Brides!!!

In our final addition of Alcohol & Weddings: To Have, Not To Have & Everything In Between Pt 3, we will discuss signature drinks.

Signature Drinks
engaged couples come up with a special drink(s) that they want to share with their guests during the wedding reception or cocktail hour.

Signature drinks are a fun way for both the bride and groom to bring their special moments to the wedding. You can determine your signature drink based on your color scheme, culture, location or wedding theme.

Reduce Costs:

  • instead of having your signature drink made with top shelf liquor negotiate with your venue to have them made with "well" liquor
  • signature drinks to not have to be alcoholic. Maybe you may want to a fruit punch with real fruit and a splash of 7Up or a Half & Half (Sweet Tea & Lemonade)

Websites To Help You Pick A Signature Drink


Martha Stewart Weddings

Lastly, have fun picking your signature drink and remember to make an appointment with your reception venue or bartender to taste your pre-selected drink. They may also have some suggestions about drinks they have created themselves.

This is the last installment of our Alcohol & Weddings: To Have Not To Have & Everything In Between Pt 3. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note at


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alcohol & Weddings: To Have, Not To Have & Everything In Between Pt 2

Happy Wednesday Budget Brides!!!

Here is the part two of our Alcohol and Weddings Segment.....

**Before we begin with Cash Bars, I want to add a note about open bars. Open bars can become a liability. When discussing this option with your reception venue remember to ask them who holds the liability of your guests' consumption and any incidents that may occur while their under the influence. This may be a deciding factor for you when figuring out how long you should allow your open bar to last.**

Cash Bar
a bar at a reception or social event where guests cover the costs of their drinks

Most people view cash bars as very tacky, since it is a wedding many people assume that the Bride & Groom should cover the cost of alcohol.

Reduce Cost:

  • instead of providing your guest with hard liquor think about just providing the basics of wine and beer
  • Serving champagne only is a great option. You may isolate some of your non-champagne drinking guests but most people will drink anything when presented no other option.
  • Provide a signature drink that is served during the cocktail hour or throughout the reception night

An upside to having a cash bar is that you are not legally responsible for your guests consumption.

Lastly, remember to always consider your budget. When planning your wedding you have to do what's right for you as a couple. Remember that your wedding is one day. You do not have to go broke or run yourself into the ground to impress others. The neat thing about weddings is there is always room to carve out your own way.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss signature drinks. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alcohol & Weddings: To Have, Not Have & Everything In Between Pt 1

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!!

When considering the breakdown of your wedding day budget, many brides underestimate the cost of food and drinks. I have countered many couples who are not drinkers themselves who have dished out thousands of dollars to get their friends and family all liquored up.

***Blank Stare***

I definitely understand the concept of wanting your guests to have a great time and many times that includes alcohol. However, why do you have to break the bank and your budget in doing so?

Open Bar
a bar at a reception or social event where the host covers the cost of all consumption by their guest

Open Bars are usually the most expensive because they allow your guests to consume at will.

Reduce Cost:

  • Distribute drink tickets which allow your guests to consume 1 0r 2 drinks from the bar
  • Reduce open bar time to 1-2 hours
  • Only have open bar during cocktail hours and limit the amount of drinks that can be consumed
  • Consider the option of not supplying your guest with top shelf liquor (Top shelf liqour is the most expensive. Don't worry about what people think. When it is their day they can do it their way.)

Lastly, you don't have to get your guest all liquored up. Supply what is possible within the budget your working with and leave the rest at the door.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss a cash bar and signature drinks. If you have any questions send me a note at
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