Friday, April 23, 2010

New York Bridal Market Trend Alert: Shorttails

Happy Friday Afternoon Budget Brides!!!

Yes, we maybe setting a record of three posts in one day. Whoo Hoo!!! (In my Vicki from RHWOOC)

Here is yet another amazing trend from the New York Bridal Market. I have dubbed this trend Shorttails. I absolutely love this trend. It was my prom dress circa 1999. Did I just date myself?
This trend is definietly for the funky, edgy and daring bride who would not mind the side eye from the guests at her wedding. But nonetheless you will be the talk of the wedding circles and your mother's noisy friends. LOLOL

What do you ladies think of this trend? Would you wear it for your big day? Why or Why not?
Images 1 & 3 are Ines Di Santo
Image 2 is Reem Acra

1 comment:

Dana said...

Ah, I hate to say it but I think it's tacky! The one on the right isn't SO bad but the other two remind me of that girl from the November Rain video:

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