Friday, April 5, 2013

Calling All Brides!!!!

Happy Friday Budget Brides!!!
I know, I know. It"s been such a long time. I'm working very hard to revamp the website and get some exciting content to you. For now, I was contacted by a casting director for a new show. See the deets below...
Hi There, I'm a casting associate for a TV show on a major cable network that is looking for brides on a budget to be featured in their upcoming special. We're looking for ALL types of brides in the NY/NJ/Miami/New Orleans areas. I was wondering if I might be able to send you our casting notice and post it for any of your brides who might be interested in being on our show. Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best, Roni Tessler Casting Associate (o) 212.505.7775 x100 (f) 877.379.0345
Have a great weekend!!!
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