Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry to Interrupt Your Regularly Schedule Programming... Fire Destroys Cake Girls Bakery

Happy Monday Morning Budget Brides!!

As I hate to interrupt the Spring 2011 New York Bridal Market recap post. I just have to post this one to help two sisters in the wedding community. Whether we're budget minded or platinum brides/professionals your heart just has to go out to the lovely ladies of Cake Girls. You know Brenda and Mary Maher from the WE television show Amazing Cakes. Well on March 29, 2010 their sweet bakery shop was destroyed by a fire that started in the apartment above the shop. When I found out about this tradgey my heart just dropped. Even if you don't have a business just imagine your apartment/home going up in flames with all your money and treasured items inside. The ladies are truly devastated that this has happened but the show must go on and they have to find a way to manage filling the 500 orders that they have outstanding. I would love to send them a million dollars to help them get on their feet but lets be honest. I don't have that kind of money. But what I and the rest of the blogging world can do is get the word out.
The ladies of Cake Girls are selling their t-shirts in hopes that the proceeds raised will help their employees who are displaced right now while the ladies are trying to rebuild. Don't you want to help? I know I do! So visit the Cake Girls website to purchase a t-shirt and help them make their dreams come true of being entrepreneurs alive again. Maybe we can even take pictures of ourselves with the t-shirts on to let the lovely ladies know that we have their back. Let me know what you think. I am going to buy my t-shirt this week. What about you?
Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article.
Visit Cake Girls to purchase a t-shirt.

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