Friday, April 2, 2010

Budget Saving Ideas for Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Attire

Happy Friday Budget Brides!!!

Today I want to introduce you to Julie Lockhart. Julie has been so kind to guest blog for us while we are out in Las Vegas, Nevada. So enjoy Julie and her money saving options for flower girl and ring bearer attire.

The Easter Dress and Suit aren't just for Easter anymore!

Have you been out shopping and seen the cutest Easter dresses in the soft colors of pale pink, lilac, yellow or white and thought these dresses are so beautiful they could be worn in a wedding by a cute little flower girl? Well you are right, and a budget savvy bride should consider this as well, imagine the money she will save her family or friends by suggesting they purchase a dress or suit for the flower girl or ring bearer during the Easter shopping season... Let's just say an "egg" load!

JCPenney and Macy*s are just two of the finer department stores that beautiful Easter dresses can be found, but don't forget to look at your local retailers such as Walmart or Kmart because they offer similar dresses at an even lower cost. When it comes to the flower girl and ring bearer, remember they are going to be adorable just being themselves as they come down your aisle. So really all their outfits are doing is just adding a little dazzle to them , but dazzle doesn't have to mean lots of dollars.

So if your wanting to find areas where you cut costs in in your budget, then consider these ideas for your flower girl or ring bearer. They will be comfortable and their families will thank you as well.

Here are some great finds below:

via Walmart currently selling for $30.00

via Walmart

Juile Lockhart is the owner of Locked Hearts Wedding and Event Planning located in Princeton, West Virigina. At Locked Hearts, Julie's goal is to give you the wedding that you always dreamed of. A wedding that reflects your unique personality and style.

If you live in the West Virginia area be sure to checkout Julie at Locked Hearts Wedding and Event Planning.


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