Friday, April 9, 2010

Dollar Tree + Amazing Wedding Items = An Ecstatic Budget Bride

Happy Friday Budget Brides!!!

So I am just too excited to share with you such good news. Guess what retail $1 store chain is selling wedding items in bulk. Yes, Budget Brides you read right I said in bulk. Do you know??

It's Dollar Tree!!! Yes, Budget Brides it's true there is no need to clean off your computer screens.

You can find many items essential to pulling off a fabulous wedding day. Some of the items that I am eyeing for an upcoming event are the hurricane and glass cylinder vases.

Another added pleasure of shopping with Dollar Tree is that they have in-store pick up. I know amazing right! So you can order online and pick it up in-store. This is every budget brides and wedding planner dream turned into reality to not have to pay for shipping.

So Budget Brides check out the Dollar Tree Wedding website and see how much you can save.

Still so excited!! LMBO



Bicoastal Bride said...

You can definitely find some great steals at Dollar Tree! I recently got cute thank you cards and shower favor bags there.

Mareeyah said...

Dollar Tree is really amazing for brides on a budget. You can really save a lot, compared to if you buy stuff in most other stores.

Michelle Custodio said...

I think there are a huge selection of wedding cards there. I think its awesome too.

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