Thursday, April 29, 2010

Edible Cake Decorations from Oriental Trading... A Budget Brides Dream

Happy Thursday Budget Brides!!

So last Friday the girl and I had a GNO (Girls Night Out) where we were totally engrossed in one of the ladies upcoming nuptials. Of course she had plenty of magazines and samples. So while I sat around and ate Papa John's (oh how I love it) I flipped through the current Oriental Trading catalog. And what do I find? Edible Cake Decorations!

I thought this was an amazing idea since November Bride's sister is making her wedding cake. Since that weekend will be absolutely crazy, this will be one more thing that November Sister does not have to create because it is already done.

The ides is also great for Budget Brides. If you watch Amazing Cakes or Cake Boss, they make fabulous cakes at fabulous prices. So maybe you budget is not over the top edible cake decorations could be a great option for you. The going rate for a custom made wedding cake starts at about $800 and skyrockets. So Oriental Trading as done all Budget Brides in America a great service.

Images via Oriental Trading
What do you think about DIY wedding cakes? Would you use edible cake decorations?



Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

That's really cool.

dognbird said...

What an awesome find!

Tonia {Chic Modern Vintage} said...

Looks great in the photos, but what does it look like in person? But it's great for someone that is on a budget and then maybe not.

Iva said...

wow! so cute and fun!!

Fabulously Dirty Martini's said...

I love this! I am having such a hard time deciding on cake/dessert. I really just want a bunch of different little things.

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