Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Style Deals: Valentino vs. Paris Hilton

Happy Wednesday Budget Brides!!!

So below are the Valentino shoes that I have been lusting after for the past few months since I saw them in the Winter 2010 Issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (pg. 41). I absolutely love these shoes but the price tag is a little outrageous for my beer budget. At $695 (available at Nordstrom) they cost more than the wedding dress that I have been eyeing. So you budget brides know that they are way out of my budget.

**Attention: Before reading the rest of the post just swoon over them for a minute.

Valentino Patent Leather d'Orsay Pump @ Nordstrom

Are you finish swooning yet? As much as I would love to have these shoes I just cannot justify having them for a wedding or everyday use. But I did stumble upon a great replacement while shopping for a birthday dress. The Paris Hilton Senorita shoes are a perfect substitute for the must die for Valentinos. At just $119 (available at they fit right into my budget and are just as cute. Check them out below and find out just how much they are at Marshalls.

Paris Hilton Senorita @

Since I have upgraded to the Blackberry Bold I am now able to take well quality pictures with my phone. So I took a quick snapshot of the Paris Hilton Senorita shoes in Marshalls as well as the price tag which had the price of $49.99. Yep you read it exactly right $49.99. Don't you just love that price.

Image via The Budget Brides Handbook

With these shoes being sold at $49.99 it saves $645.05 on the Valentino shoes and $69.01 on the shoes from the website. I am still in awe at this Wedding Style Deal.

Image via The Budget Brides Handbook

Lesson to Learn: Always do your research, use Google and/or Bing and finally go to your local bargain department store. You never know what gem you may find.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Name Jacked!!!

Happy Tuesday Budget Brides!!!

I know I have been MIA for a while but November is an exciting and tough month for me. If you guys can think back this time last November is when my grandmother died. About 12 years ago my other grandmother died in you guessed it right in the month of November. Then just last week a really good friend of mine died at the young age of 28 years old. So as you can see my month has been crazy while also planning a birthday party for myself. Actually the last few months have been crazy and I have really not been about to really focus on The BBH's business.

So now to the title of this post. Budget Brides we have been NAME JACKED. Yes because I did not realize that the subscription had expired and the credit card that I had on file was no longer valid, we have been NAME JACKED by a UK company. These blood suckers want me to pay them $5,000 to get the domain name back. So I had to put myself on pause...... For one I don't have $5k to pay nobody for a domain name and for two it's my damn name. So now I have the daunting task of thinking of a new name and all new everything. I have been going over a few options in my head.

Here are a few options that I was thinking about.....

Let me know which on you like the best and it just maybe the new name of The Budget Brides Handbook.

Tomorrow I will post a lessons learned about this experience. Hopefully it will help some on self.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Style Deals: Lulu*s

Happy Tuesday Budget Brides!!!

I stumble upon a great little website called Lulu*s. This site offers amazing dresses at even more amazing prices. Most dress are anywhere between $30 - $80. This price range is amazing for any Budget Bride. See below for The Budget Brides Handbook's favorite styles to outfit your wedding weekend and more.

This vintage dress is absolutely gorgeous for an afternoon hanging with your closest friends and family at your bridal shower. Perfect for a fall or winter day you will look chic and stylish to your girls and an appropiate blast from the past for the elder women in your family.

This gold glitter dress will make you the center of attention for your bachelorette party. Anywhere you go the attention will definitely be on you. Who wouldn't want this dress for your last night of singleness.

This black and white one shoulder dress will be an amazing fit for your church rehearsal and dinner the night before the wedding. Great for taking pictures to add to your wedding weekend scrapbook.

Who wants to be dress to the nines the morning after a wild night of celebrating your new union. Here is an ultra comfy maxi dress to slip on the last minute and go.

Who said looking hot stops on the wedding day. This cute little color block dress is perfect to bring with you on your honeymoon. Sexy doesn't end with I Do it's just the beginning.

They also have dress cocktail dress options for your bridal party.

So Budget Bride, how did you outfit yourself for your wedding weekend?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Something Blue....

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!!

As many of you may or may not know I am moonlighting as a Wedding Dress Consultant at a bridal shop in NYC. I really love this position as it gives me an opportunity to have some real initmate time with brides. Well this Saturday I had the pleasure of helping a bride named Ramona who for unforseen circumstances has to get married in a hurry. Usually when brides come in at the last minute (Ramona's wedding is on Tuesday, November 2nd) they have a very limited budget (under $300). So Ramona, her fiance and myself went through the racks to find the perfect dress under $400. Together we picked about 6 or 7 dresses within her price range and headed to the dressing room. As Ramona hopped in and out of the dresses I could tell that none of them were really THE DRESS. So I went and pull another dress that was right up her alley and she LOVED it. Now it was time to finish the look. Since her budget was really small I showed Ramona our blushers to use in the place of a veil and a nice pearl earring and necklace set for her jewelry. Then out of nowhere she said I need my something blue. I was a little taken a back since the couple was from Romania and committed to doing a justice of peace ceremony with just the two of them.

Below is a picture of the dress that Ramona fell in love with.

Ramona's Dress $249

So I recommended that she purchase a little hankie that was baby blue and pin it to the inside of her dress. However, on my way home I began to think about what something blues can a bride get in a short time and at a good price.

Below are a few items that I found from various online retailers that would go perfect with her dress.

Fantasy Jewelry Box Adeline's Vintage Style Statement Necklaces $63.95

So Budget Brides, how many months before your wedding did you purchase your wedding dress? Did you follow all of the wedding traditions (Old, New, Borrowed, Blue)? What was your something blue?

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