Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Style Deal: J. Crew's Principessa Gown vs. David's Bridal Galina 9ES9808

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!

We all know that your wedding style does not have to break your budget below are two great dress at very different prices. Both of these dresses are perfect for a beach or garden theme wedding. You decide which on you like the best.

Image via J. Crew

The Prinicpessa Gown is an updated version of the Genevive Gown coming in at $1950.

Images via The Knot

The David's Bridal Galina 9ES9808 is priced at $399 for sizes 0 - 16 and $449 for sizes 14W to 26W.

Which dress do you like? Would you buy the David's Bridal version because it is cheaper and very close to the J.Crew gown?



Miss Love said...

To be honest, I liked the David's Bridal gown better upon first glance. I actually thought it was the more expensive of the two until I read the complete post. The David's Bridal gown just looks more like a wedding dress. It goes to show that you don't need a "designer" gown to look stunning on your wedding day.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I like the David’s Bridal gown much better, as it look so much more elegant and classy. The J. Crew gown looks very casual and even a bit sloppy to me.

Ms. Chouette said...

It's really hard to tell one costs so much more than the other.

I like the cut of the 1st one but love the DB material and "feel"

ditto above. You don't need a designer gown to feel beautiful on your wedding day.

PS: re: your comment on the blog- Please post away. Thank you for even considering it!

Dodger said...

I actually have the DB version and I wanted the Princepessa one to begin with. The DB one is indeed very lovely.

LNB said...

I wore the DB dress to my wedding this past september... Not only is it stunning and slimming but it has POCKETS!!! I am a practical person first and a girl who loves glamour second, but with the price point, pockets, and effortless beauty of this dress, i got it all! Also, I'd love to gift my dress to a frugal bride, size 8!

megan said...

LNB i love love LOVE this dress and would LOVE to take it off your hands : ) ive decided this is the one and stumbled upon this blog which seems perfect since im a size 8!!

Mexitalican said...

I am actually in love with the David's Bridal version and since it is no longer in stores, I'm searching the internet for a used version! Anybody have one?


Anonymous said...

If you had tried on both of them you would know immediately which one is nicer...The Davids Bridal gown is itchy and does not fit well on someone who is a models build. On the other hand, the Principessa is 100% silk and fits like a dream right off of the rack. So yes, you could get the polyester version and save your wallet or you could get the jcrew gown and feel just like a princess.

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