Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Style Deal: Get the Christian Louboutin Look For The Baker's Price

Happy Wednesday Budget Brides!!

This is a Wedding Style Deal for the ages. A couple of years ago the Christian Louboutin Prive 120 Glitter Slingbacks was all the rave. To this day many bargain hunting brides are still looking to score these shoes at an amazing price. Well Baker's Shoes has done all of us a huge favor and created the Maxy Platform seen below to rival the Prive.

About $700

Most Budget Bride's in this economy in this economy cannot afford to dish out over $700 for one pair of shoes so the Maxy Platform from Baker's Shoes is a great Wedding Style Deal at about 90% cheaper than the originals.

Selling for $69.95
Image via Baker's Shoes

Selling for $69.95
Image via Baker's Shoes

So here's the question for you ladies, would you pay $700 for the Christian Louboutin Glitter Prive Slingbacks or price conscience version Baker's Shoes Maxy Platform? Which shoe would you prefer to wear and why?
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