Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Brunch: Find Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Happy Sunday Budget Brides!!!

Even though the last couple of days have been gorgeous in New York City, every budget brides can find a little time to find inspiration. Find ways that you can personalize your wedding to make it your own. I found this picture on Facebook through a friend's page. When I first saw these personalized Converse, I just fell in love. They are so cute!!! Right??

In what ways have you personalized your wedding? Was it through a monogram, theme, menu choice, attire or food? I could go on forever; however, if you have not found ways to personalized your wedding take sometime to go to the park during this wonderful weather and brainstorm. I am sure you will come up with some great ideas.

If you like this idea head over to to customized your every own pair.

Image: Found Here



Something Borrowed said...

What an excellent idea. When I was out to dinner the other night there was a rehearsal dinner going on and the gift to the groomsmen were black converse! I absolutely loved the idea and actually got me thinking outside of the box for my groomsmen gifts. offers great ideas for wedding party gifts. Go check them out.

Web Designer Philippines said...

I haven’t really seen grooms men shoes like this, it’s so cool! Instead of formal shoes, why not spice your wedding up with informal personalized shoes like this. I love it.

Gift registry said...

This is so cool! I love the groom’s personalize converse shoes. My husband would definitely love these shoes.

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