Monday, March 15, 2010

Budget Ideas for a Ring Bearer Pillow from David's Bridal

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!!

Send Your Ring Down the Aisle in Style!!

While planning your wedding, there are many details when shopping around for your wedding party. Many brides get excited when shopping and cooridnating the bridesmaid and flower girls dresses. But it is important to not forget about the little man carrying your ring down the aisle. The ring bearer has a very important role and he needs to look sharp. There are different ideas and options for what the ring bearer will use to carry the ring, most opt for the traditional ring bearer pillow. Instead of a traditional all-white pillow, try customizing to match your bridal party. You could even accent one of the styles below by adding your own personalized touch of flowers, patterns or charms. Don't worry; it is not out of your budget. Styles like the one below cost as low as $14.50 at David's Bridal and are great are very budget.

For a more non-traditional option for your ring bearer pillow, think of the theme of your wedding. If you are doing an outside/garden wedding, try a dandelion covered pillow or a bird's nest tied with ribbon. Having a ceremony by the ocean? You could decorate a large seashell to hold your wedding for a more beachy touch. There are other innovative ideas for sending your ring bearer down the aisle. Is he too young to walk on his own? How about on of your bridesmaids pulling him down in a wagon or decorating a tricycle for him to ride up to the altar? There are many ways you can make this part of your ceremony memorable, just have fun and be creative!

Image from David's Bridal


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