Friday, March 19, 2010

99 Cent Wedding Gown Design by Kathy Jacob

Happy Friday Budget Brides!!

I hope you were not to shocked by today's post title. While I was playing around on this thing we call the internet somehow I stumbled upon a blog post on The Wedding Decorator blog about a 99 Cent Only store giving away a 99 Cent wedding to 5 special brides. Yes, budget brides the brides who won this unique opportunity had their entire wedding created using materials only found in the 99 Cent Only store including the wedding dress. Yes, you read that last portion right INCLUDING THE WEDDING DRESS.

Click here to read the post about the 99 Cent wedding

Yes, this dress was made from materials from the 99 Cent Only Store.
Note: Materials included in the making of this dress include t-shirts, dollies, tablecloths and loofahs make this Chanel inspired wedding (wedding dress in small inset) a option for a bride within a certain budget.
So my question to all of you Budget Brides, if you had the opportunity to have a full expense paid wedding by the 99 Cent store would you?


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Bicoastal Bride said...

Even though I consider myself a budget-savvy bride, I have to say, absolutely not! I have found some great deals at the 99 cent store on things that we’re going to use for the wedding – like favor bags, baskets, thank you cards, etc. – but I wouldn’t compromise on the dress.

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