Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Brunch: Budget Saving Ideas With Aluminum Can Centerpieces

Happy Sunday Budget Brides!!!

The weather is getting more and more gorgeous outside. But let's face it, it's still pretty much freezing (at least to me) in NYC. So not every Sunday is going to be the chance to relax in the park or have an amazing brunch with friends. But one thing a budget bride can do when trying to save money for the big day is cut cost in the floral centerpiece department. I found this beautiful idea why blog surfing on one of my favorite wedding decor sites and I just fell in love.

Yes!!! Budget Brides the idea of using either decorative or plain silver aluminum cans is amazing. They are a budget friendly opportunity to add a little character to wedding day decor. Now this may not be a Sunday where you can relax and enjoy the weather but it's an excellent day for a scavenger hunt.

Here are some tips on where a budget bride can collect aluminum cans:

  • Start at home.... Anytime you use an aluminum can rinse it out and save it
  • Spend a Sunday going to your community restaurants and ask them for their unused aluminum cans
  • Visit a soup kitchen and volunteer in exchange for a few aluminum cans
  • Call all of your friends and family asking them to save their unused aluminum cans
  • Lastly, walk through your neighborhood on garbage night and look through the recycling bags for unwanted aluminum cans

Here is an article from ehow to help you along the way.

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