Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet the Sugar Lily Bake Shop

Happy Monday Budget Brides!
Last Tuesday we met Ms. Nyisha Price at a business conference and she spoke about her business called the Sugar Lily Bake Shop. As she talked more and more about her business and the delicious flavors that she offered her customers, we thought the Sugar Lily Bake Shop would be perfect for a post on The BBH. Read the post below & don't forget to visit Nyisha & the Sugar Lily Bake Shop for menus and more information.

Shown Above Sugar Plum, Berry & Orange Blossom
Below is a short introduction to the Sugar Lily Bake Shop.
"Sugar Lily Bake Shop blossomed into existence when its founder, Nyisha Pierre, had the vision of combining her passion for baking with her love of art and fashion.

With training from the French Culinary Institute, she has set out to create cupcakes that are très chic and unforgettable…Her artisan creations have been picked up gourmet food stores in New York and are highly sought after by those who have been fortunate enough to experience them.

Socially-minded, she ensures that her all-natural ingredients are sourced locally and always organic.

With beautiful designs and more than a dozen amazing flavors to choose from, Sugar Lily will satisfy your artisan sweet spot every time."

Shown above Calla Lily in Chocolate

Shown above Rich Chocolate, Lemon & Coconut

Images & Bio from the Sugar Lily Bake Shop


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