Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cottage Living Article: Garden Wedding on a Budget

Here is an article that I found on CottageLiving.com that gives ideas on executing a Garden Wedding on a budget.

Top 10 Budget-saving Ideas for a Garden Wedding

Get the low-down on having a low-cost but beautiful event.
By Linda Facci

1. Charge it
Connect your MP3 player to outdoor speakers instead of hiring a band or DJ. Besides saving money, you’ll have complete control over the music being played.

2. Don’t forget to have and to hold your flowers, too
Buy them at a local market and make your own bouquet. Choose varieties in season and create simple arrangements for the tables. (Don’t pick apart your own garden; you want it to be as lush as ever for your wedding day.)

3. Point and shoot
Have a shutterbug friend or family member use a digital camera to catch the special moments. Sharing time and talent makes a great gift—and deserves one in exchange.

4. Do yourself a favor
Purchase boxes of sparklers, then handwrite place cards and tie them to each box with a pretty ribbon. These also become tokens that will light up the night.

5. Be for the birds
Instead of tossing rice (which can harm birds), fill a decorative container with birdseed. Your guests can grab handfuls. They’ll feed your garden and your feathery friends at the same time.

6. Don’t get stuck on a deserted aisle
Make a special entrance: create a pretty, natural aisle with a border of cobblestones or flowering potted plants.

7. Light up your life
String white lights around trees and on top of arbors and pergolas. Place candles in dark areas. They make any night starry and magical.

8. Let them eat cupcakes
Serve an assortment on a tiered stand for your wedding cake. Top each little treat with an edible flower. The different flavors and icing will satisfy everyone, and clean-up will be a breeze.

9. Toast the knot
Create a signature drink and make a huge batch of it. Or keep it simple with beer, wine, and champagne (plus a few nonalcoholic options). Store in a barrel or large steel bucket filled with ice. Guests can serve themselves.

10. Make your event fan-tastic!
If you choose to have an outdoor wedding in summer, keep colorful paper fans on hand as a fun and practical favor that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Image & Information from CottageLiving.com


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