Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Help Ebonee Monqiue & Marvin WIN Dream Honeymoon

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We have some exciting news one of our Budget Fiances is in the finals of the "Groom of the Year" contest. Marvin has beat out 14 other fiances to reach the finals which has included 2 other rounds in which the last round he won by 792 votes. Marvin's lovely fiance & Budget Bride Ebonee Monique wrote to us about the competition, her experience planning a wedding on a budget & the reason why she would like Marvin to win this contest. Please take a moment & vote Marvin. I am sure both Marvin & Ebonee would greatly appreciate.

Marvin's reason on why you should vote for him!

“Honestly, I’m no different than any other man. I work hard, I have everyday struggles and I happened to fall in love with a great girl who I can’t wait to start my life with. There’s nothing extraordinary about my story, but I think that’s what it that much more relatable. I am the everyday guy.”And to piggy-back off of what he said, it thrills and energizes me to know that we are a reflection and a representative of the every day couple. We don’t have an extensive budget for our wedding and we are paying for our wedding completely on our own, but simply put, we are just a couple who were blessed with this opportunity and we are eternally grateful.

The Story of Ebonee Monique & Marvin

Marvin and I were friends for a year and a half before we started dating. It was like a light switch and we opened our eyes and were both like “Hey…I like you!” and it went from there. We’ve been together for 3 years now and it seems like yesterday that we got together.
Our wedding is March 5, 2010 in Tallahassee. We are the epitome of the budget-couple. Neither of us want to put any financial strains on either of our families, so we are paying for the wedding completely on our own. Our goal is to spend no more than $12,000 and still have the wedding of our dreams. So far, I’ve found my dress for $205, we found a great photographer who gave us a discount for paying in advance; we found a wedding coordinator who was just starting out, a family-owned catering company and a co-worker who will serve as our DJ. We decided, in order to keep costs down, to forgo the traditional sit-down dinner by, instead, focusing on interesting and delicious cocktail food. Also to keep costs down, we are holding a family/close friends only ceremony/reception and then the next day we are inviting everyone else, we couldn’t invite to the wedding, to an informal barbeque at a local park. We are convinced that while our wedding day is ULTRA important…it’s just ONE day and we do not want to start our union off in debt.
Winning this competition will mean everything to us. Because of the cost of the ceremony and reception, we didn’t know how we would ever begin to think about paying for a honeymoon. With the honeymoon voucher provided for winning, we would be able to take that burden off of our shoulders. The other prizes we are also excited about (groomsmen tuxes, his/her platinum rings, 40” HDTV and an entertainment console) as well. The fact that they announce the winner of ‘Groom of the Year’ on our 3 year anniversary makes me truly believe that God has a blessing in store for us. We’re staying prayerful and optimistic, though.
Information & Images recevied from Ebonee Monique

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