Monday, March 16, 2009

Get Your Dream Dress at the Price You Want

Good Afternoon Budget Brides!
Here are 7 tips on how you can "Get Your Dream Dress at the Price You Want"

1. Your Engaged!
Once you get engaged decide what style of dress you would like to wear.

2. Search & Collect
Begin to search Magazines, Websites and TV shows for the dress that are similar to what you are looking for. Make sure that you pull and save any pictures that you find so when you start to visit Bridal Salons you can give the consultant an actual idea of what you desire.

3. Choosing a Bridal Salon
Make sure you get referrals from friends on bridal salons. Not every bridal salon works the same way. So talk to your friends to find out what rules or stipulations a salon might have before you commit to buying a dress.

ie. Most bridal salons require you to make your alterations with them at an additional cost sometimes totaling hundreds of dollars.

4. Online Shopping
Never buy a wedding dress online unless you are absolutely sure that this is THE DRESS. Many online wedding stores have a policy where the dress cannot be returned or if returnable you have to pay a restocking fee. The good thing about online weddign dress shop is that you can usually find a dress cheaper than in a salon.

* Extra Tip: Make sure you have have your body measured according to the website specifications. This will help you get the most accurate size.

4. The Dress Council
Make sure you invite friends & family who know you & your style when going to search for your wedding dress. You need people who will be truthful but also understanding of your budget & style. You never want to be in a situation where you have brought a dress that you really don't like.

5. Bare Necessities & Shoes
Bring all the undergarments & shoes your going to wear on your wedding day when you are going on your bridal search. This will help you see the exact fit of the dress on your wedding day. It will also help the salon or tailor when they are making the alterations to your dress.

ie. Let's say you don't bring your shoes and the dress length is cut to short. You may have to shell out additional money to have an extension place on the dress.

6. Get the RIGHT Size
We cannot stress this GOLDEN rule enough. Budget Brides, please don't buy a dress smaller than what you are. We know! We know! Your going to lose the weight so that you can look slim & trim on your wedding day. Well here's a reality check unless your buying a wedding dress more an 6-12 months in advance you make not lose enough weight to fit into the smaller dress. Our advice is to buy the dress that the size you are at your fitting. When you go for your next fitting if the dress is to big have the salon alter the dress to your body.

7. Do Your Research
Don't just settle on a bridal salon dress. Make sure you exhaust all options before committing to one establishment or person. Search Google, Etsy, Ebay, Sample Sales and discount online bridal websites for the dress you want at a cheaper price.
ie. The Maggie Sottero - Aretha Dress above can run anywhere between $600 & $1500. Below you will find a listing of websites with this same exact dress at various prices.



Jillian said...

FYI That first Maggie dress link is for a replica, not the actual dress. I've heard that replica dresses can often look rather unlike the dresses they are modeled after and often are made of lower quality fabrics.

The Budget Brides Handbook said...

Thanks for your comment Jillian. Jillian's point is correct. However, depending on your budget you may opt for a replica to stay within the budget you allocated for your wedding. Ultimately, your dress decision is up to you but these are suggestions of what is out there.

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