Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Birds Bridesmaid Dresses

Happy Friday Budget Brides!
So last weekend I was in downtown Brooklyn with my mentor and we stop in this little shop that sold convertible dresses. We thought that this was such a cool idea. Who wouldn't want a dress to wear 10 different ways. So I just had to find a designer who specializes in the bridal industry to bring this idea to all of you. Now I know that most of you are wrapped up in this being your wedding day and your bridesmaids should be more than happy to be in your wedding. But let's be for real, we are in a RECESSION almost DEPRESSION right now. So let's make it a little easy on them.

Two Birds Bridemaid dresses is a wonderful company that makes convertible dresses for both Bride & Bridesmaid. I think these dresses are just so cute. I am thinking about buying one just because. These dresses are comfortable and verstaile. Made of Jersey & Nylon they look fabulous on every figure and very forgiving. Coming in two lengths of calf length and full length and with the option of styling it as least 10 different ways these dresses become unique for each bridesmaid.

Provide how to video & instructions on how to style the dress
Samples can be sent to out of town wedding attendants for a nominal fee
Groomsmen Ties are available
Color swatches are available
Monogramming Available
Pricing: Calf Length $270 & Full Length $290
Visit Two Birds Bridesmaid for more info.

Images and information courtsey Two Birds Bridesmaid


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