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DIY: Crystal Tree Centerpiece

Happy Tuesday Budget Brides. I found this article on Project Wedding and thought that it would be a great idea to share with all of you. Many Brides love the Tree Centerpiece idea but think it is way out of their budget. Here is some instruction on creating this centerpiece and for only $25!!! Enjoy and let us know how it works out.
Image courtsey Project Wedding

Supplies purchased/used:

Crystals: www.shopwildthings.com (crystals sold as "beaded curtains") They're acrylic crystal strand curtains. I simply cut the strands from the curtain rail and then cut them into various lengths to hang on the branches. **They're also the same crystal strands I used as a prop in my boudoir pics...lol**

Branches: SF Flower Mart And from www.bloomsandbranches.com
Base/Vase (Urn): Michael's (local craft store)

Silk Orchids: Michael's (Purchased on stems) I trimmed blooms with wire cutters and used low-temp glue gun to adhere to branches.

Ribbon (on "table"): SF Flower Mart

Votives (not pictured): www.FlowerSupplies.com

Tools needed for this project:
Low-temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks (to adhere flowers and crystals to branches)
Spray Foam Insulation (found at hardware stores & is typically used to fill cracks and crevices around doors and windows during construction). Its inexpensive, light-weight, extremely easy to use and VERY sticky!!! Be careful when using...whatever the foam gets on, its there forever...seriously.
Painter's Tape (to hold branches in place in the Vase/Urn while filling with foam insulation)
Wire Cuters (to snip silk flowers off stems).

*Total Cost: Approx. $25 each centerpiece (not including Tools, Ribbon, and Votives)

  • Once the crystals were cut from the curtain rail, I cut them into varying lengths (approx. 24"-30" or so) Drape crystals on the branches. You can add as many as desired. I've seen some trees that are filled with crystals and look like Weeping Willow trees. I preferred less. For my branches, I used about 15 strands of crystals for each branch. I placed the strands so the hang on the branch about midway of the strand.
  • Add silk blooms (if desired). I put 2 blooms together (back-to-back) so that the back of the bloom didn't show. I placed five of those throughout each branch (10 blooms per tree). In terms of design, odd numbers are best for arranging things like this.
  • I used spray foam insulation to hold the branches in place. It worked really well...inexpensive, light-weight and easy to use. I used "painter's" tape to wrap around the base of each branch and secured to the vase/urn just the way I wanted it to set. Once the tape was secure, I sprayed the foam according to the directions. Remember to allow for the expansion. Most foam insulation doubles in size. To ensure it dried thuroughly, I sprayed one layer at a time. It took about an hour to dry to the touch. Once filled and dried, I removed the tape and used extra crystal strands to cover the foam. It looks almost like the vase/urn was overflowing with crystals.
  • *TIP: Between use of the spray foam, leave the straw on the can and leave it filled with the foam. It will expand within the "straw" by oozing out a little. Let it dry like that...it will keep from the entire can from drying out. When you go to use it again, gently press the "trigger" and the dried foam in the straw will push right out. Use wax paper on your work surface to keep the foam from sticking to your table/work surface.
  • I used votive candles on the tables for ambiance and to add sparkle to the crystals. Extra crystal strands were used as filler/cover on the top of the base. In place of table runners, I used ribbon. I pre-cut them into desired lengths (same length as table linens) and re-rolled them for easy storing and transporting.
  • I purchased my crystals from www.shopwildthings.com. They're acrylic crystal stand "curtains." I simply cut the strands from the curtain rail and then cut them into various lengths to hang on the branches.

Article Courtsey Project Wedding



Alpha Prosperity Mgmt said...

Great idea. I will try it for a bridal shower I am planning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the directions on this centerpiece. I had found the manzanita trees at a higher cost and was about to buy. Now I have a plan on how to complete my ideal centerpiece.

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