Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giving Back On Your Wedding Day!!

Happy Thursday Budget Brides!!

After hearing the news about the earthquake that has shaken the country of Haiti, it made me think about the ways we give back to our community and organizations. Hence, this post about donations made to charitable ogranizations as gifts to your wedding guests. Many brides and grooms rack their brains about what type of favors to gift to their guests at the wedding reception. It has become a growing trend that many couples are making charitable contributions on behave of their guest as wedding favors.

I have created some wording below to help you in notifying your guests of your charitable contribution.

We want to thank you
for all of your love and acts of kindness
on our special day.
As a token of our appreciation
we have made a donation in your honor to
(Name of Charitable Organization).
Love, (Names of the Bride & Groom)

Looking for a charity to make a donation as your wedding favor, check out I DO FOUNDATION. The I Do Foundation is an organization comprised of a group of non-profit leaders who have created a new avenue of support to charitable organizations by linking engaged couples with a host of charitable options for their wedding day.

Although, I know that the earthquake in Haiti is a very recent tragedy. If you are getting married this year or in the future, you can make a donation to many of the organizations that are making efforts to help the people of Haiti.
Below are a few notable organizations that you can donate to:


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Nadia said...

Thank you so much for doing a post about my COUNTRY HAITI.. words can't explain what my family is going through right now.. I have not been able to reach all my family but i am keeping my finger crossed that everyone is safe... Any possible way to help Haiti is appreciated...

Thank you so much for your help.


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