Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazing Dancing Shoes Under $60

Happy Tuesday Budget Brides!!!

Let's Talk About FEET!!!!

Yes, Ladies (Brides) you know that when most of us wear heels when it comes to about the fourth hour we are cursing the day that we bought the shoes that we are wearing. Our feet are hurting, back maybe aching from poor positioning and let's not talk about the corns some of you get on your feet. Who wants all of this pain and anguish on there wedding day? I will be the first to say not me (when that time comes around of course).

I have been thinking about doing this post for quite sometime now. Especially since seeing
Yosi Samra ballet flats in the october issue of People Style Watch and on an episode of David Tutera's my fair wedding when a brides' briesmaid was discussing wearing flip flops on her feet started hurting in her bridesmaid shoes.

Below I have found two pairs of stylish ballet flats that won't look so horrible once you or your bridesmaid take off your wedding day shoes.

I found these lovelies from Capezo on Bona Drag. Aren't they amazing!!! I know I know you are thinking these are not so bridal. Ok maybe but with a LWWD (Little White Wedding Dress) these funky shoes would be perfect.

Retailing for $48 these flats are "so f****ing cute"*.

These awesome ladies are so cute, classic, simple and stylish from Yosi Samra. These solid color metallic flats will definitely go with any wedding dress out there for you to dance the night away with your new hubby. Retailing for under $60 and guess what they fold up in your bag.

Last but not least both of these ballet flats make great gifting items for your bridesmaids, MOB, MOG and even your ushers (if they are women, of course).


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Ashley said...

I love the idea of an actual ballet slipper! I just bought my wedding shoes and they are pink heels from Bakers. They just came out and they were only $59.00! I also like the idea of the rainboats. I think it really allows the guests to get a feel for the bride and her groom. Thanks for the cute and savvy tips.

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