Monday, January 18, 2010

Fabulous Wedding Day Survival Kit... Mojuba Weddings

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!!

(In my Sophia from "Golden Girls" voice)

Picture it it's the day of your wedding, you are in a room full of women who love you. The music is playing softly, your getting your hair and make-up done and very thing is going marvelous. Then in a spit second everything goes wrong your dress keeps shifting, your photographer is stuck in traffic and your bridesmaid just broke one of the buttons on your dress. Now your sweating, screaming and crying all at the same time.

WAKE UP!!! It's just a very bad dream.

I ran across Mojuba Weddings on another wedding blog: however, this bag is so fabulously cute that I just had to present it to all my budget brides.

Mojuba Wedding carries a collection of wedding day survival bags for both the bride & groom. The Mojuba Wedding Day Survival Kit is a compartmentalize handbag that can hold over 200 wedding day essential items to help brides make sure their wedding day runs smoothly. Created by Jackie James (a former Chicago wedding planner) the Mojuba Wedding Bag is a perfect bridal shower gift .

What's even more fabulous about Ms. Jackie and her fabulous bag is that you can add this wonderful item to your wedding registry.

Here is a short description from Mojuba Wedding about their wedding day survival kit.

"Mojuba is a sophiscated, chic bag that unfolds to reveal one exquisite item after another, from essential everyday items to indulgent necessities for the bride and her bridal party. It has a built - in mirror and is easy to throw over a shoulder or carry on the arm. Also tucked inside each Bride Mojuba bag is a little something to make you smile: a thoughtful, unique gift from Jackie herself."

View Survival Kit Contents Here

Also available is Mojuba Groom to keep your Groom emergency free.


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This is a really neat kit! I think that an emergency kit is essential for every bride. Also, I think it is great that it is all combined in this little bag because when that mascara gets on that gorgeous ivory dress you need remover immediately. This offers a chic and great way to ensure that every bride has all of her essentials. The Knot offers great advice on everything you need in your bag. Check it out and thanks for the post.

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