Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Want Christian Louboutin shoes? Create them yourselves.

Happy Tuesday Budget Brides!

As usually while searching the net to bring you amazing ideas and inspiration we found two fun & flirty dyi projects to create your very own Christian Louboutin look-a-likes.

I found Love, Maegan through Kathryn over at Snippet & Ink. Maegan is a creative genius who has found a way to bring us luxury right in our price range. Over the last month, Maegan has creative 2 posts dedicated to getting the Louboutin look right in your price range.
DIY: Blue Ruffle Shoes

Here are the items you will need:
5/8" Matching Ribbon

Here are the items you will need:
Polyester Sheer Fabric Remnant
6/8" Satin Remnant
Double Stick Velcro Cut to Size
Strappy Sandal
Ok now that you have all of your supplies click over to Love, Maegan and get in touch with your creativity side.

Thanks Maegan for a amazing idea.


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