Monday, June 1, 2009

Follow Tradition & Make It Modern

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!

Yes, we have been gone for a whole week! Wow, it feels like an eternity. So today we are going to start with a post that is fun, flirty and refreshing.
Since the season finale of the CW tv show The Game the blogsphere has been buzzing about the beautiful wedding dress that Tia Mowry's character wore for her "wedding". At first we were a little put off by the whole short white dress concept. But as the summer months ring in this concept is becoming more convincing.
The short white dress gives both a since of surprise for your guests and it makes the wedding day more fun and flirty. In our opinion it says, Let's have fun and dance all night long. Good message huh! Below you can find our top picks. Yes, we know that there are alot of dresses but we wanted to hit every budget. Enjoy!

Hippolyte Crochet Lace Dress

Strapless Silk Chiffron Dress

Burnout White Dress
For kicks and giggles, we added these last two luxury dresses. If you have it and can spend with the right accessories I think these dresses will leave your groom and guest with dropped jaws.

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1 comment:

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Yep, I will be rocking a short dress too! It never crossed my mind until I bumped into the dress while trying on more traditionally longer dresses. When I put the short dress just felt right!

It goes with my personality perfectly and my honey loves my legs...I am just mad that I hadn' thought of it sooner!

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