Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding Day Hair on a Budget

Here are some tips on how you can save money on your wedding day hair.

1. Do you know a family member or friend who is a hair stylist? Ask them to do your wedding hair as a gift. So no you won't get a few Benjamins in an enevlope but hey you will save about $200 or more depending on the style.

2. Many of us are at home beauticans. Find a style that you like and practive it at home. Once you perfect it the way you want it for your wedding day have your Maid of Honor take pictures of the style. They day before the wedding start working on your wedding day style. If you are going to wear your hair curly put the rollers in and use bobby pins to to keep the curls tight until the next morning. The pictures will help your bridesmaid know exactly how you want your hair for your big day.

3. Bargin with your hairstylist. Ask your Hair Stylist for a discount if you and your bridesmaids use her services for the wedding day.

4. Call your nearest beauty school and ask if they have a student that can do your hair for your wedding day. Since these are not license professionals you have to know that you are taking a risk.
Below you can find a variety of hair styles that are perfect for your wedding day.

Bun with a Jeweled Hair Pin
This style is great for a bride who wants a sheek but simple look. Best of all this style can be gone at home.

Pull Back Bun with Jeweled Headband
Great for a Bride who wants to wear a veil. This style can also be done at home with some practice before the big day.

Curls Pinned Up with a Jeweled Hair Pin
Curls should definitely be done before hand but the pinning up of the hair can be done at home.

Short Curls
Anytime you want to wear curls for your wedding day make sure you start early so if it doesn't work out you will have more than enough time to change it.

Free Style Curls with Hair Decor
Tight curls should be done the night before or early enough on the day of that they have time to drop.

Big Curls with Jeweled Headband
Big Curls can be done the day of the wedding. If you are doing your own style match sure you do a trial before the day of the wedding using different size curlers so that you know exactly the look you want for your wedding day.

Side Swoop Up Do with Hair Decor
Test out beforehand and make sure you take pictures for references.

Straight Hair with a Curl at the Bottom
Whatever you do make sure you are comfortable with it. Also if your hair is really important to you it maybe an item that you are not will to budget on. Whether your decision is to go to a salon, use a friend, or DIY make sure it exactly what you want. This is a one time event make sure it is the best.

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