Monday, April 20, 2009

Suite Print by Oh So Suite

Suite Print is a line created by Oh So Suite for the budget conscience bride who wants amazing custom made invitations at half the price. Oh So Suite is an invitation company known for its elaborate invitations full of color and intricate designs. They have decided to create a budget conscience line called Suite Print which allows the Bride to have a custom invitation created to suit the theme of the wedding. What's so amazing about this company is that they allow you to give the creative direction on your invitation, send you the final product in a custom pdf ready to print in whatever format you're looking for and give you suggestions on offset printing options & letterpress.

Below are 5 lines from Suite Print ranging from $125.00 - $150.00.

French Chic Suite Print $150.00

Modern Elegant Suite Print $150.00

Gingham Suite Print $150.00

Floral Suite Print $125.00

Cloverfield Suite Print $150.00

Visit Suite Print and Oh So Suite at

Images & Some Information from Suite Print.


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