Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Brunch: Meet Alannah Rose Stationary

Happy Easter Budget Brides!
We know that all of you must be surprised that we have added a new post on a Sunday. However, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce our new segment called Sunday Brunch. Sunday Brunch will include inspiration boards, the occassional vendor spotlight and last mintue discounts. We are so happy to kick off our first Sunday Brunch with Alannah Rose Stationary. Alannah Rose is a stationary company hailing from Austraila which adds a modern twist to traditional wedding invitations. Alannah Rose is the brainchild of Suzi Waters.
"Suzi had designed many wedding invitations and thank you cards for family and friends over the years and it was after the overwhelming response to Alannah's thank you cards that she decided to share her designs with a broader market. It was here that the Alannah Rose stationery business was born. Having gone through the process of planning and designing her own wedding, and now as a mum, Suzi understands the importance of having quality pieces to share such important news with those you love. "
Calling All Bloggers & Blogger Brides
The Alannah Roase Stationary Blog is hosting a contest for wedding bloggers and blogger brides.
Enter for your chance to win 3 Table Number sets valued at $110 au each. Checkout the Alannah Rose Stationary Blog for more infomation.
The BBH just loves the Vintage Glamour invitation below.
Double Sided Invitation with Envelopes

Folding Invitation with Envelopes

Folding Placecard

RSVP Postcard

Service/Menu Cover

Thank You Card
Images & Information from Alannah Rose

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