Monday, November 17, 2008

So You Like Chinese

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Start your lives together off with the best of luck and good fortune. Fortune cookies are always a good way to add a little fun to any occassion. Now & Forever has colorful and flavorable Fortune Cookies in a variety of 11 colors & favors. You can add fun facts about the couples relationship, key dates that are important to you, remember family members who are no longer living, etc. Pricing for the fortune cookies are $112.00 for 200 fortune cookies which comes out to .56 cents per fortune cookie which is a $teal. You can find the chinese take-out boxes at Now & Forever for $45.00 for 50 which comes out to .90 cents per box. Personalized tags can be brought at Wedding Favorites starting at .35 cents. Altogether a wedding favor full of love and memories will cost you about $1.81 per person. Sweet!!!!

DIY - You will need fortune cookies, chinese take-out boxes, tissue paper and personalized tag. Place the tissue paper inside the chinese take-out boxes, place your desired amount of fortune cookies in the chinese take-out box, close the box and hot glue the personalized tag on the closure. Please note: You will only need a drop of the hot glue on the closure of the chinese take-out box.

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