Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't Toss Those Satin Shoes

Savon De Marseille Olive Oil Soap

As you all know I search high and low for wonderful budget saving products to help you along in you planning process. We'll my next product that I found in Lucky Magazine will help you to save your satin shoes. Yes, I am hearing you yell through the computer. So worries you don't have to throw your precious pumps or flats away. So you have a pair of satin shoes that you would love to wear to the rehearsal dinner. But there's one problem they are a little dirty. Don't worry I have the perfect solution for you. I found the perfect product for your potential disaster. Savon De Marseille Olive Oil Soap will definitely help you to get unwanted stains out of your satin shoes. Below you can find directions on how to clean your satin shoes as well as a listing of websites where you can find Savon De Marseille Olive Oil Soap.

You will need:
White Cloth
A bar of Marseille Soap
A bowl of warm water

What to do:
Mix the soup into a partially filled bowl of warm water. Dip a piece of the white cloth into the bowl of soapy water and rub it on the stain in a circular motion, but do not scrub. The olive oil ingredient in the soap should take the stain out. Once the stain is out set the shoes out to dry out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.
Listing of Websites
Savon De Marseille Olive Oil Soap $8.00

The Cosmetic Market $8.00

Amazon $7.99

Hello Gorgeous! $5.60 (sale price)
images from Amazon.com, inspired by an article in Lucky Magazine

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