Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Budget Brides Tips #2 - Makeup

Some of us are Make-Up Divas while others of us are challenge in this area. There are many options for those of us who are Make-Up challenge.

#1. Search magazines and websites to find the make-up that you are looking for on your special day. This helps so when your special day comes your make-up artist will have an example of the look that you are going after.

#2. Always get a test run of what your day of make-up will look like. So if you think you look like a clown then you will have time to make changes or get another artist.

#3. Don't know of a make-up artist to hire. Well go to your favorite department or make-up store and observe the make-up artists. (This may take sometime so make sure you factor this task into your wedding planning schedule.) When you find one that you like sit down for a make-up consultation. Let them know exactly why your there and come prepare with you tear outs from tip #1. Once the consultation is over and you absolutely love your make-up ask the make-up artist if they would be interested in doing your making for the day of your wedding.

#4. You can use all of the tips from step 3 except don't ask the make-up artist to work for you. Instead, bring one of your bridesmaids along and have her take before, middle and after pictures of you during the make-up consultation. (You can also have her video tape the process with the permission of the make-up artist. Once the consultation is over make sure that you buy all ofthe products that the make-up artist used on you so that you can replicate the same look at home.

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