Monday, September 13, 2010

Real Engagements.... Carolina & Hector

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Carolina and Hector first met in 2001 while in college through their membership in a sorority and fraternity. They were distant friends, although they both had an unspoken crush on each other. While in graduate school, Carolina and Hector asked about each other through mutual friends of theirs. After finishing her Master's degree in upstate New York, she moved back to New York City to be closer to her friends and family. Shortly after moving back home in the winter of 2006, Carolina and Hector reconnected and maintained a friendly friendship while slowly admitting to each other their true affection for one another.

Two and a half years later, after the 2010 New Year's Eve fireworks, Hector gave Carolina a photo album. In the album, Hector chronologically organized their love notes, restaurant receipts, pictures, cards, tickets and movie stubs they shared from the beginning of their relationship. Unbeknowst to Carolina, he saved all of the relationship's momentos leading up to that moment. After reaching the last page in the album, he transitioned into playing a smooth romantic song from the 1990's R&B artist, Jesse Powell. As he sang the words to Carolina (or at least tried to), he kneeled on one knee and proposed to his longtime secret crush . The started their relationship on May 13,2007 and will be starting their lives together on May 13, 2011.

Images via Carolina via Joshua Dwain Photography

Simply Amazing!!!!

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Bicoastal Bride said...

Great engagement shoot! I love these photos, especially the city shots.

Anonymous said...

So sweet - this is my 1st time 2 ur blog - very nice...

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