Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Budget Bride Tips: To Tip or Not To Tip

Happy Tuesday Budget Brides!!

Welcome Back Budget Brides!!! I know that many of you are just getting back from your Fourth of July vacations but let's get down to all things WEDDINGS. Yesterday I posted '10 Things Every Bride Needs To Know...' which discussed what brides may need to know when they embark on wedding dress shopping.

Since that was our topic yesterday I was pondering on the subject of tipping. I really wonder what people think about tipping their Wedding Dress Consultant for the time he/she has spent with them during their allocated appointment time. I know many of you maybe thinking, why should I tip if they are already getting paid? Well let me put you on pause and give you a few reasons why it is to provide your consultant with a tip.

1. Wedding Dress Consultants are providing you a service the same as a waiter or taxi driver. Would you go to a restuarant and order a ton of food and not tip the waiter for the service he/she provided?

2. Many of you make a million appointments at every bridal shop in town? (Only God Knows Why!) Wedding Dress Consultants typically work on commission which means their time is very valuable. If you are taking up precious time when you know your heart is set on another dress in another store you are preventing the WDC from making a possible sale.

3. Wedding Dress Consultants have the tasks of carrying the 15 dresses that you want to try on, helping you in and out of the dresses and possibly picking the dresses up off the floor after some of you with no home training have thrown them down like last night leftovers.

So Budget Brides, what do you think? Would or have you provided your Wedding Dress Consultant with a tip once she has provided you with a service? If yes, why and if no, why not.



Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I would not tip my wedding dress consultant. They will get commission if I buy my dress, so I personally think that's enough money.

Also, I'm not really sure most bridal salons would let their consultants take tips. I'd be interesting to hear from a bridal salon their opinion.

Taylor Coil said...

Hey BBH!
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Taylor Coil

KNaijaQueen said...

Ummm....yeah....I don't think I would want to tip a bridal consultant. While most consultants do work on commission, they would get paid then. It's not up to me to support their livelihoods based on tipping.

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