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10 Things Every Budget Bride Needs to Know...

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!
I know that all of you are in different stages of your wedding planning process. However, I thought that this would be a great time to provide all of you guys with a list of suggestions you may need to know when going Bridal Dress Shopping.
10 Things Every Budget Bride Should Know When Going
Bridal Dress Shopping
1. Before you step into any bridal shop do your homework. Google the stores you are thinking about visiting read other's comments on their experience. Also note their rules, there are many bridal shops that you cannot take pictures in the dresses. This will prepare you for what you may encounter during your appointment.
2. When scheduling the appointment make sure that you ask about the time allotted to you for your appointment. Many brides don't realizae that your usually allotted between an hour to two hours for bridal appointments. Which is not a lot of time. So have a fifty person party full of indecisive people is not the way to go. In most cases, you will leave the bridal shop frustrated and confused. Bring the people who A) are paying for the dress and B) people whose opinion you highly respect.
3. Come to your bridal appointment with pictures (from magazines, the internet, etc.) so that the consultant has a clear understanding of what you are looking for. There is nothing like have an idea in your head that you cannot describe to someone else. Pictures always help to bridge that gap.
4. I know that many of you may shy away from this tip but allow the consultant to go in the room with you and help you in and out of the dress. This is the time that the consultant takes to learn more about you, your wedding and the dynamics that is keeping it all together. This will help her/him to help you find the dress of your dress. When you have a friend or family member help you it waste valuable time that the consultant can be using to pinpoint the right dress for you.
5. In most cases, know that the consultant is experience in helping brides find there perfect dress. Take note of the suggestions she makes about dresses that fit your silhouette or compliment the type of event that your going to have. For example, you maybe a bride who wants a mermaid dress but you do not have any hips. The consultant will probably suggest an A-line or ball gown dress that may work better for you.
6. KNOW that you need SIX to NINE MONTHS in order to find, select, order your dress and make alterations. Many brides wait till two or three months before the wedding to purchase their dress not realizing that they are not allocating enough time to receive the dress from the manufacture plus the time it takes for alterations. (If you wait too long there many also be a rush shipping fee that you may have to pay which may take you over your budget.)
7. Some bridal shops charge a fee for you to make an appointment so make sure you find that out upfront. This will allow you to visit the bridal shops who do not have a fee first. You never know you may find your dress there and will not need to lose money or feel obligated to go to those pay upfront appointments.
8. If possible before purchasing a dress always ask for alterations to come and give you an estimated price on what alterations will cost you. This will help to give you an over all view of how much you will actually be spending for the cost of your wedding attire.
9. Some bridal shops also offer discounts on the days that you purchase your wedding dress. BUY the accessories the same day. It does not make sense to lose free money in discounts thinking I can find it somewhere cheaper. Listen Boo, you cannot get a bling - out veil and tiara for $50. It will make your whole wedding day ensemble look cheap and tacky. Like Nike says, Just Do It.
10. Be very conscience of your timing!!! Timing is a huge issue in wedding dress shopping. Don't be caught out there spending at the minimum $65 (rushing shipping $40 and alterations $25) because you procasinated or could not make up your mind). This is $65 before you purchase the dress or made an alterations appointment.
11. YOU ARE NOT FAT!!! Ok I Know I Know.... every woman is self conscious about something but this is definitely not the time to be. If you have to go two sizes up to a dress that actually fits then do it. You will potentially spend more money in exchanging the dress or hospital bills because you passed the hell out since you could not breath in that too small dress. It is better to always go bigger and have alterations than to go to small.
So Budget Brides, what do you think about my suggestions? Do you have some suggestions that you can include to help other brides?

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Consignment is also a wonderful option. You will find beautiful gowns at a fraction of the price.

If you are in the Phoenix area you must try Almond Tree Boutique.

Jennifer Cram, Marriage Celebrant said...

There is a huge markup on wedding gowns - put the W word in there and the markup can be as much as 10 times the cost price (compared with 3 times for fashion retail). So if you can do without a train shop prom dresses or on the bridesmaids racks!

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