Monday, May 18, 2009

Seating Dilemma

Happy Monday Budget Brides!
In honor of the last day of the 'Seat Your Guest', we wanted to share a question that
The Buckeye Bride posted on here blog.

Here is the dilemma she was going through and the answer that The BBH provided to her question.


On the right side bar of this blog I have our guest count listed and as you can see there are 11 unaccounted for guests. I have contacted a few of these guests, and received the response "we aren't sure yet because I may be (fill in an excuse here)--but please don't count us out". Umm...ok.I am assigning tables, and right now according to my chart there are 9 empty seats scattered through out the room at various tables. So should we go ahead and pay ($250.00) to have these 9 extra seats at the various tables just in case some of our unsure guests show up (or even other random guests that may happen to show up that weren't invited) and we will have empty spots to direct them to? Or should we go ahead and give our final guest count as the 121 that it really is--and if extras are there the venue will just have to drag out more seats and make room the day of?


Our suggestion is to talk to your reception venue. See if you can pay the additional money the day of the wedding once you find out how many people actually came and how many people you had over the allocated number if any. If you do this inadvance you may come out saving money. You don't want to pay for 9 extra people who may not show up. Especially when you may have a few people who already RSVP'd yes and they maybe a no show for whatever reason. I also suggest that if you are already willing to pay for 9 extras, just have the money set aside just in in case the 9 show up and if not more money for the honeymoon.

Do you have more suggestions to help a Bride in this situation? Leave your suggestions in the comments section so that all of our Budget Brides can benefit from your wisdom.

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