Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seat the Guest Contest Winner!!

Good Morning Budget Brides!

We are so excited to announce the winner of our 'Seat the Guest' Contest! We have received so many entries and it was so hard for us to pick a winner.

So the winner of our Seat the Guest contest is (drum roll please).......

**Danielle Mulligan**

Danielle sent us this great submission about her seating drama that included a fighting Uncle and Grandma.

Here's Danielle's Submission:

Name: Danielle Mulligan
Fiance's Name: William Kinney
Wedding Date: 09-19-2009
Color Scheme: red & orange (fall colors)

Ok, so here is my drama with seating... My dad has a huge family - he is one of eight kids - which never makes things easy. On top of trying to appease everyone by sitting them near each other, my uncle and grandmother have recently had a really awful falling out and haven't spoken in about 6 months. I obviously don't want to sit them near each other, but I can't put them on opposite ends of the room. I am planning on have 3 tables for his siblings and their spouses so I think I can put my uncle at table 1, have a buffer w/ table 2 and sit my grandmother at table 3. Hopefully this will work and there won't be any fighting!! Who said weddings were easy?

Danielle, please email us with your address so that we can send your prize.

Congrats from everyone at The Budget Brides Handbook!


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