Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Budget Bride Tip #1 - Cakes

So we all know that wedding cakes are EXTREMELY expensive but a necessary item for any wedding day. Here is a Budget Bride Tip that can help you take the bite out of the wedding cake cost.

Tip#1 - DYI:Make your own wedding cake. I know I hear you screaming at the computer right now. But sometimes to save money we have to scraifice some of our time to make things work. Here are a couple of books that will help you to create your very own wedding cake.

Click on the image for more info or purchase these cookbooks.

Tip #2 - Communication is Key! You have to communicate and be honest with your cakemaker or bakery with how much you budgeted for your wedding cake. Make sure that you have presented your expectations on your budget and cake design in the inital consultation before you place a deposit.
Tip #3 - Use your Supermarket's Bakery. Many of our area supermarkets have bakeries set up in side of them. Go to your local supermarket bakery and have an impromptu consultation about sheet cakes. Sheet cakes are a very inexpensive way to supply wedding cake for all of your guests. For your head table you can purchase a small wedding cake that is beautifully decorated from bakery. You can then ask the supermarket bakery to fill your sheet cakes with the same filling as your head table cake.
Tip#4 - Lose the Fondant. Cakes made with fondant are typically more expensive than cakes made from buttercream. Now you have to be careful with picking the exterior of your cake. Buttercream does not hold up in extremely warm environment and fondant is usually not refrigderated because it will not hold up well. Be sure to discuss all of your options with your bakery of choice.

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