Monday, October 25, 2010

Making the Ordinary Original.... Macarons

Happy Monday Budget Brides!!!

Over the last couple of months a friend of mine has been discussing with me some of the details of her friends' weddings. She was a little taken back because she had shared her own wedding details with this friend and come to find out those details was definitely in the friends wedding so it got me to think. Two brides can definitely have the same idea but what makes the ideas special is originality.

Below are two images of a Macaron Tower with sparkles sprouting out of it. The Macarons are definitely ordinary but the flair of the tower and sparklers is so original.

Here are some ideas to make your Ordinary Ideas Original.

1. Decide on a theme and emerse your entire wedding in it. For example, if you and your fiance love Chinese food. Emerse yourself in the Chinese wedding culture and incorporate those details in your wedding. Maybe have a 10 course meal, wear a red kimono reception dress or create a invitation in chinese with a decoder feature.

2. Having a black tie wedding make it a masquerade theme and provide the masks. Your guests will love it.

3. Take a favorite dish you love and incorporate it into your wedding. Mr. Budget and I love his grandmother's receipe of Jewish Salad so we'll probably have it has our salad course when we get married.

So Budget Brides, what Ordinary ideas are you/ have you made orginial? And if possible let us know what your budget was.

Images via Swanky Tables via Cherry Blossom Girl



Bicoastal Bride said...

That macaroon tower is awesome! We wanted to use wine corks as escort-card holders, but didn't want to buy the generic ones sold online. So, we made our own, complete with coloring to match our theme, for less than $100.

Miss JD said...

For a number of logistical reasons we have decided to send our wedding invitations out super early (4 months before the wedding). We are having a summer destination wedding in Costa Rica so we are going to send out a little bag of Costa Rican coffee with each invitation with some sort of "hope you'll join us for a taste of something warmer."

Since etiquette requires we provide a lot of information we won't have at the time... (ie Complete wedding weekend timeline) We are going to send all the guests a personalized DIY luggage tag about 2-3 weeks before the wedding to get them excited about the trip and all the information additional information they may need. Our invitation/stationary budget is about $400.

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