Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alcohol & Weddings: To Have, Not To Have & Everything In Between Pt 2

Happy Wednesday Budget Brides!!!

Here is the part two of our Alcohol and Weddings Segment.....

**Before we begin with Cash Bars, I want to add a note about open bars. Open bars can become a liability. When discussing this option with your reception venue remember to ask them who holds the liability of your guests' consumption and any incidents that may occur while their under the influence. This may be a deciding factor for you when figuring out how long you should allow your open bar to last.**

Cash Bar
a bar at a reception or social event where guests cover the costs of their drinks

Most people view cash bars as very tacky, since it is a wedding many people assume that the Bride & Groom should cover the cost of alcohol.

Reduce Cost:

  • instead of providing your guest with hard liquor think about just providing the basics of wine and beer
  • Serving champagne only is a great option. You may isolate some of your non-champagne drinking guests but most people will drink anything when presented no other option.
  • Provide a signature drink that is served during the cocktail hour or throughout the reception night

An upside to having a cash bar is that you are not legally responsible for your guests consumption.

Lastly, remember to always consider your budget. When planning your wedding you have to do what's right for you as a couple. Remember that your wedding is one day. You do not have to go broke or run yourself into the ground to impress others. The neat thing about weddings is there is always room to carve out your own way.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss signature drinks. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to


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