Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A is for..... Attendants

Happy Wednesday Budget Brides!!!

Today is the kick-off of our ABC's of Weddings series. We will start right at the beginning with the letter A. A is for Attendants, you know the most important people in your life that you would want to share your special day with. We will go over 4 important aspects concerning your attendants also known as the Bridal Party which are attendant selection, attendant duties, attendant attire and attendant gifts.

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Attendant Selection

Matron of Honor - Your Matron of Honor is usually one of your closest family members or friends who is already married. They will usually be the person you confide in or consult when you go through the highs & lows of your courtship and marriage. Typically Brides only have one Matron of Honor; however, if you have more than one person who fills this role for you then have two. Our suggestion would be to keep it to one but no more than two.

Maid of Honor - Your Maid of Honor is a single friend who you are extremely close with and have shared imitate life experiences. Most Brides usually opt to have a best friend or sister for their Maid of Honor. I have also seen Brides who do not have this type of connection use this position for a male that they are very close to renaming the title to Man of Honor. As with the Matron of Honor title, we suggest that you do not have no more than two Maid of Honors especially if you don't have a Matron of Honor.

Best Man - A Grooms' Best Man is usually your fiance's best friend, college roommate or brother. The BM is the person that your fiance has gotten into the most trouble with and had the most fun with. As with the Man of Honor title, I have also experienced women holding the title of Best Woman. Typically, men are a little less complicated than women so they usually only have one Best Man. But if your situation does not fit the norm then I would suggest no more than two.

Bridesmaids - Bridesmaids are the Brides closest friends who she should cherish as lifelong friends. Often times the bridesmaiad position is also given to siblings as a way to include all family members in the wedding process. Many brides opt to have junior bridesmaids in their wedding to include pre-teen and teenage family members in the wedding as well. When it comes to the number of Bridesmaid you can have as many as you would like. However, I feel that weddings with over six Bridesmaids is a bit much and you can definitely find other roles for those additional people to fill.

Mini Bride & Groom - The mini Bride & Groom is an Italian tradition. The mini Bride & Groom can be portrayed in the ring bearer and the flower girl but it can also be two separate children altogether. They are also usually many replicas of the Bride and Groom.

Groomsmen - Groomsmen are usually close family and friends of the groom. When it comes to the quantity of Groomsmen, I will give the same suggestion as I did for the Bridesmaids. Less is more and you can find other ways to include the additional people into the wedding.

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl - These two titles are usually held for young children under the age of 8. However, you can have Ring Bearers & Flower Girls of any age.

Ushers/Greeters - Ushers are usually family or family friends who greet all guest to the ceremony and reception.

Ok so we're done with the Attendants Selection. I think that this was alot of information for today.

Stay Tuned.....

Tomorrow we will try to finish up the letter A with more information on Attendant Duties, Attire & Gifts.


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