Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save Thousands With Your Own Photo Station

Happy Wednesday Budget Brides!!

As we continue our journey of recaping the Thompson-Berti wedding here is a project that the Bride thought of to have some candid but fun photos of her wedding guests. Many Brides opt to have a photography and rent a photo booth to create an element of fun to their wedding day.

Photo booth rentals can run into the thousands of dollars and in the economic climate that we're all living in it maybe an added touch that many couples may forego. However, the Bride in the Thompson-Berti wedding took this challenge head on and thought of ways to achieve the same goal for under $500. She decided to buy a polaroid camera off of E-Bay for under $150 along with the appropiate film which cost about $25.00 per pack.

Photo Table

The now Mrs. Berti decided to buy 10 packs of polaroid to allow her guests to take pictures for themselves as well as the happy couple. To decorate the photo table the Bride and Groom combed through their family pictures to find photos that were representative for themselves growing up, immediate family members and also paid homage to relatives who had already passed. The table was also decorate with repurpose flowers from the ceremony and photo boards that allowed the guests to tack their pictures to. We think that this was a wonderful way to achieve her goal of fun time photos and saving thousands.

We should do love that!

See below for more pictures of the photo table.

Photo Table 2

The guests raved about the table as they came by to take pictures and fill out the guest book. Many of them took some very outgoing and fun pictures all in the spirit of the night.

Photo Table 3

What an Amazing Night!!



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