Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Creative Dining with Social Couture

Some consider decorating as an art form, as a representation of ones self and can play a huge factor in our ranking in our own little cliques. Well Social Couture has saved all of you budget brides who are decorating challenge or whose budgets cannot keep up with the Jones', Silverman's or O'Donnell's. Social Couture is a website that provides decorating kits as well as accessories for any event such as a bridal shower to a Girl's Night Out. These decorating kits provide everything from napkins to candelabras. Decorating kits are for a party of 8 and price from $170 to $270. Check out Social Couture and see which theme you like for your wedding activities.

See Below for Themes from Social Couture

Bridal Shower

Hollywood Glam

Asian Affair

Girls Night Out

Preppy Party

Images from Social Couture


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